Completion date 2006
Design Team: Paul Badger, David Stuart, MAKE, Andrew Oswald, and Thea Eck.


Click here to view QuickTime movie [9.16Mb]

Lumina is an electronic drawing project for Huntington Avenue in Boston, commissioned by the Fenway Alliance with the support of the LEF Foundation, New England Foundation for the Arts, the Browne Fund, Boston Parks and Recreation and the City of Boston. It will comprise LED canvasses which will be programmed with a 20 minute animation sequence created from research into the intellectual and cultural life of 22 historic institutions which exist in and around Huntington Avenue including the Boston Symphony, the Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Medical School, the National Braille Press, the Gardner Museum, and many more. The animation is in siloughette against a brilliant cobalt blue background. The reduced form and color take an encyclopedic range of information and pass it through a rigorous visual filter to create an elegant and formally unified experience on the street for passersby. The sense of haptic touch in the line of these drawings will make these slow “films” instantly recognizable as art, and they will therefore not be confused with the usual job of an LED, that is advertising. After my animation sequence has run for a time, possibly a year, other artists will be invited to use these electronic canvasses for future drawing projects thereby creating a permanent electronic art resource for the city.